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Syringe Broke - where to get new one?

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My syringe decided it doesn't want to stay together. So I need a new one. I know I can order one from AA but I'm hoping someone here knows where I could find one at a hardware store or somewhere.

I use bulk ink and syringe my white ink into sealed bags so it's important to have one.

Thanks in advance.
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Try a vet supply store or a large pet supply store.
Good idea. I'll call my vet.
I use a large marinade syringe. It's gradated up to 1 oz. (30 ml) so roughly 7 syringes full will give you 200 ml in the bag. I remove the cap, silicon gasket, ball bearing and spring from my bags,...shove the basting needle down in the bag, fill and repeat until filled to the level you desire (7 syringes, 1 oz each will give you just a hair over 200 ml of ink). Drop the spring back in, followed by the ball, silicon gasket and cap. Use something to depress the ball (serves as the valve),...I use a small screwdriver, (the end of a q-tip swab or something similar is fine),...squeeze out the excess air space and then release the ball while holding pressure to insure that no air reenters the bag and you're done.
Rob, that's awesome. I was having a difficult time sometimes getting the ink in the bag. Thanks!
You can also hold the syringe at an angle to either side of the bag and push the ink in. you can also pull any air out of the bag too. I have never had any issues pushing ink in or drawing air bubbles out as long as the syringe is held at a slight angle.
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I wasn't sure if holding it at an angle would damage the seal at all. Good to know
Make sure all air out please. Or as much as you can before put ink in. Use syringe to vacuum.
Have one or two extra syringe isn't a bad idea. Order to AA when you place order of inks.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
I have used syringes that are given to newborns to feed with. I would assume they would be available at a Baby's R Us type of store. The Vet clinic is a good idea too.
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