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Switching White Inks. Suggestions

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I have been using Excel White by Triangle ink exclusively for a few years. But lately it doesnt have as much body and it is starting to have a really chemically smell even after tons of washes. It does block the poly pretty well and it isnt too expensive but I think its time to switch.

Does anyone have any suggestions to a good white ink? I mostly print on 100% cotton and 50/50. I dont really want to run 2 different white inks. Id rather just stick with one for everything. I go through about 5 gallons of white a month, so not too much.

any info is appreciated.
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QCM has a nice XOLB White ink
it works very well as a cotton/poly ink
Everyone will have their own favorite. Ask your ink supplier for some samples, or contact ink manufacturers directly. Test...test...test...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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