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SWF Hooping Problems - Need Help ASAP

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We are working on a job for a Greek Sorority, and we're having an awful time setting up our SWF machines to do the job. We finally got that largest rectangular hoop set up, but the machine is flagging pretty badly. Is this normal with this hoop?

We thought we had the hoop on upside down, but after looking in the manual, it seems to be correct.

SWF hasn't returned our tech support call, so we're looking for help from anyone who might be able to advise us. Thanks!
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what area are you stitching?
I don't know exactly what you mean, but we're doing the Stahl's Mega Greek 2-color letters in all satin stitching, and the entire design is in the center of the hoop.

The stitching is coming out very good, but the machine just seems to be flagging more than what I would think is desirable.

Also - Hooping this was a BEAR! We are using the 4" letters, so the dimensions are outside the regular 30cm hoop that we would normally use. Would you somehow mark your garment and do separate hoopings, or do you use this largest hoop as well?
I use the largest hoop. But I also use spray on adhesive if the letters are wide to help stabilize the fabrics. Also if you get the garment too tight then stitch the letters on you'll get flaging.It's trial and error til you get the right combination. Then make sure you either sitcck a note in that file or take a few pics to remind you next time. GOOD LUCK
I'm pretty sure the garment is hooped correctly, but I've noticed that the worst flagging issues are at the beginning of each letter when the first stitches are being done. Once everything is tacked down, the flagging lessens.

One quick question for you - on all the other SWF hoops, the hoop that attaches to the machine goes inside the other hoop. On this hoop, though, it's just the opposite - right? It just seems backward to me.
My rectagular hoop isn't made by SWF it's a D.E. ...it's light gray in color.....and it hoops just like the traditional hoops. Find some 3M 77 spray adhesive and give that a try...it sounds like it's pushing slack into the letter during the tackdown stitch....it's critical that the material doesnt move at all during tack down. Either that or try using 2in masking tape.....tape the entire letter down after you have it positioned correctly...after tackdown remove the masking tape and finish stitching.
Great idea with the masking tape! We've done lots of applique, so I know the importance of having each step of the process be right on the money. Our problem is this crazy hoop!! ugh.

The photos in the manual and online are terrible. You can't tell which way the hoop is supposed to go! ...and it's now 6PM here, and the tech support STILL hasn't called today.

All in all, the shirts came out great. It was nerve-wracking getting them done, but at least they turned out very nice. I know we'll have more tackle twill coming up where we'll have to use that hoop, so I just need to work on our system I guess.

BTW - What is D.E.?

Thanks so much for your help! You don't know how much I've appreciated it!
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