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SWF E-T1501 Embroidery Machine

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My SWF/E-T1501 single head machine is in perfect working condition and was purchased new in March 2009. Along with a DTG HM1 printer, the embroidery machine was used in a home-based business and has minimal use. The E-T1501 is a great machine and has served me well in the short time I used it. It was bought from SWF Mesa in Ft. Worth, Texas, and they provided me with excellent training and after-purchase support. Great group of people! The sale includes WingsXP and SENS which allows you to send jobs directly to your machine from your computer.

Why am I selling?
Not long after I bought my machine, I developed some fairly serious health problems that pretty much shut me down. I have a full-time job and envisioned embroidery and t-shirt printing as a means of making extra income. I was forced to slow down, so I ended up shutting down my business.

How will I learn how to use the embroidery machine?
SWF Mesa, located in Ft. Worth, sells new and used machines, and they provide training packages for those who buy used machines. If you do not already know how to use the embroidery machine, then for around $1,400, they provide you with training on your machine in addition to one year phone support afterwards. You can maintain phone support if you desire for around $400 per year after the first year. It’s a great deal. Contact SWF Mesa for more information about training and support.

Contact me at 972-418-9705 or email me if you have any questions or need more information. I am asking $9,995 for the machine, software, and all accessories that came with the machine when purchased.


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