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I am so confused. I am researching this site for help but not enough on it.

I have a job that I need to use sweat-shirts for but I cannot believe how many different brands and types there are cotton, polyester etc. I have a headache from looking at the different companies.

This is for very cold weather and working in a garage. I will be using plastisol transfers for this job on navy blue

The order is for 2 dozen sweat-shirts and I am charging them $15 each.
I would prefer 80/20 or 90/10 I cannot stand the way 50/50 feels.
My question is What is the best brand of Sweat-shirts out there?

I know Rodney likes Jerzees someone said but which one exactly, there are so many different kinds? Someone else mentions Lees but again which one exactly?
I cannot afford to buy each one to see how it feels so I need the help of those that know which ones feel best to them.

I am sorry if this question was asked before by me but I need the exact brand of shirt that you like and if you have the number that would be awesome.
I would like it to be at least 9 ounces.

Hanes Beefy, No shrink is on sale.Gildan is on Sale etc.
I have looked at SanMar and also S&S should I be looking at another company for better prices?

Please help, this is my first job and I want to make sure they get a quality product that they enjoy wearing since they will be wearing it everyday. This client already promised me a job for his family reunion so I do not want to mess this up.

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I know Rodney likes Jerzees
Actually, when it comes to sweatshirts, I like Jerico sweatshirts:
http://www.jericosport.com/14.html from: http://www.jericosport.com/

I usually have the customer pick the sweatshirt they want instead of picking it for them. You can always offer suggestions, but it gets difficult when your idea of "quality" differs from what the customers idea of "quality" is.
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