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supplies question

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Hi all im new to this heatpressing thing but I think its really neat...........I have a silk screening and vinyl decals thing going in Hawaii........I mostly do it for fun........and I make a few bucks ......anyway.I just bought A 15x15 heat press a epson c88 printer.........I know I need to get a bulk ink thing and sublimation ink........heat tranfers for light and dark shirts.......what else do I need teflon sheets.....???????etc...

could someone make me a list of things I need to get to help me out.?????I only know of two other local people here who do it and they arent wiiling to tell me...........Thanks!

Im thinking of doing shirts and mouse pads.....
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Generally with your printer you need to decide if you are going to use pigmented inks or dye sublimation because they are worlds apart in substrate choice, inks selection, transfer papers and processes.
so if i went with inkjet inks.........then
and sublimation inks..............

please explain
Sublimation is a dye based ink that when heated becomes a gas and molecularly bonds with the polyester molecules of your substrate. You need to use at least 65/35 polyester content t-shirts. You can print on all sorts of things that are coated to recieve sublimation inks. Pigmented inks such as Durabrite for the Epsons are printed on transfer papers a semi transparent paper for light colored shirts and an opaque paper for dark colored shirts. You print the transfer, trim the excess paper around your design and heatpress onto your shirts. I this process you can use 100% cotton shirts or the 50/50 blends. Two different inks and different papers and processess...you will probably have to choose which rout to go with one printer and one continuous ink supply system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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