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supplies and equipment to start with

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I'm putting together a package of the supplies I will need to start a heat press t shirt business to get a price idea.

I would like to do hats as well as shirts for now.

Besides the shirt and hat press equipment, what else will be essential as far as equipment?

How about shirts and hats? What would be a good quantity to start with?
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I operate my business as a hobby and part time business. I do heat seal with a heat press. I do home sewing with a singer sewing machine. I have a specific market I am selling to with the heat seal, and sewing machines. These are shirt businesses.
I do caps with a Cap heat seal machine. I have a specific market I sell to with my Cap heat Press.
When I had a store, I sold to many people, trying to do many things. I always dreamed of a screen printing business, or embroidery machine, or a computer vinyl cutter, but never had the business, or sense to do these.
I know who I am selling to, and know what to use to service those customers. I encourage to decide what business you are entering, what you need for it, and go to an ISS show.
I wish someone would have been there to tell me what I needed, when I decided to be a part of this industry. But I am also glad I learned for myself, what I can and cannot do, myself.
Good Luck and I hope you succeed at whatever you do.
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