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Supplier of Fabric in the Philippines

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Hi Good day po sa inyo. Meron po ba kayong alam na supplier ng mga high quality patterned fabric ( camo,florals,aztec,etc.) for jackets and also high quality fabric for hoodies?

kailangan ko po kasi ng fabric supplier for Jackets and other cut and sew garments. There are so many supplier in Divisoria, but I believe the fabrics that they are selling are the standard fabric being used in the market. Example of those are brushed cotton, yonex, etc.

What I'm looking for are fabrics that are being used by mainstream and independent brands (which cater cut and sew garments) here in the Philippines. Preferably wool and those fabrics being used in pullover or hooded jackets that can be seen at the mall. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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