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Superjet USA CIS for Epson 1400

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Has anyone bought and used one of these systems with the pigment ink? They have a real good price on the CIS systems and was wondering if they are good for t-shirt transfers?
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Hi Corey,

I've purchased a cis from SuperJet USA for my epson c110 with pigment inks. I have had no problems with the cis or the inks and the results have come out really good. I want to use heat transfer inks next when it's time to refill.

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I thought that pigment inks are what you wanna use for t-shirts? Where are you getting t-shirt ink from?
Try Ross at Inkjetcarts for heat transfer ink. I use it in refillable carts on a 1400. Works great!
so the pigment ink that you get purchase from superjet isn't for heat transfers??:confused::confused:
Took your advice.....i just got the refillable cartridges and the heat transfer ink! Hopefully it works well! I'm excited and thanks for your help!:D
I also just got the refillables with heat transfer ink hope the work out good
I'm going to do a couple test prints when i get my system in.....i will post my results before and after some washes! I hope this is a good system!!!!!!
I thought that pigment inks are what you wanna use for t-shirts? Where are you getting t-shirt ink from?
Hey Guys,

Don't get me wrong! A lot of people use (Durabrite) epson pigment inks for Transfers and this has worked great. Most are also using Heat Transfer inks in which they don't get any color shifting nor ink residue on the backing paper.

I have read posts in which some have had color shifting problems while using pigment inks. While others have not. I guess this will all depend on each and every 1's setting's.

But to answer your question, yes! pigment inks are what you wanna use they last. Another alternative is the HT Inks which I wanna try out myself. I have read posts in which all user's of this ink type were very happy with the results. No color shift & no ink residue.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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