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So the situation is this -

I have a current vendor agreement - but looking to see what this would cost to do in-house.

We are starting from scratch. We currently have black shirts, and hoodies as well as white mugs - the vendor is using DTG and sublimation.
Wow! So much to cover. But I'll give it a shot. Since you're new here and don't know me I want to say right up front that I am a boot rookie and do not own any equipment, nor have I ever produced anything in this industry. But I've been researching for ~5 months now and am finally confident that I understand a bit about this business.

I am looking at the OKI printers -

textile transfer white Pro8432WT
led light production C942dn

I have been told by different people - that each are the right answer...

that they print on transfer paper that will look great on black, white, cotton, blends, mugs, etc.
Although I'm not even close to being an expert on these machines, a cursory search tells me that one of the differences is the size of paper the machine will handle. Your need will determine which size to choose. But I'm sure there are many more differences and the guys who will be along shortly to help you out. I'm sure of it; they've ALWAYS been here to answer all of my questions--no matter how silly they may have seemed to some of them.

I am really at a loss at the overwhelming amount of info out there.
Welcome to my world! When I first got the bug to do this I thought it would be easy. Just buy a couple of pieces of equipment and off you go! Nope. Turns out there is much to learn.

Now, going back to your opening:

the vendor is using DTG and sublimation.
These are entirely different things. I would suspect that the sublimation part is being done on the mugs. That is the somewhat affordable part. You would need your printer with dye-sub ink and a mug press.

The description of your shirts as "black" leaves out a lot of information. This would (I suspect) be the DTG part which leads me to believe that the shirts are 100% cotton. On black (and other dark colors) one must pretreat the garment before printing it. Polyester is a no-no.

However, if you were to go to a shirt that was 50% or more polyester, you could print using the same printer you're using for your mugs. The ink only sublimates to the polyester, so the higher the percentage the better. Since it will not become one with the cotton you will experience fading when you wash the garment. Oh, and you would need a flat heat press.

Oh, and if you really want to do DTG be prepared to spend over $20,000 for the machine. Of course, you will find instructions/tutorials on YouTube for building your own much cheaper.

Anyhow, I recommend that you do searches on here and do LOTS of reading as many (if not all) of this has already been discussed. Those two printers are not your only options. And there is much to learn before investing in equipment.
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