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I got my Sunie 12x15 swingman last January. I had issues from the beginning and emailed them several times. Most times they said oh well. I emailed that the temp was off by 15 degrees and that my Hix 15x15 swingman wasn't off like that. They responded with yea but ours is 1/3 the cost. ?!! (I still have that email )
I asked why if I set it for 390 it will either read out 397 or 385 at times. All over the board. No reply EVER. Several times asked. And when pressing the temp never reads the temp set for. It will be higher or lower from 5-15 degress. Avg off temp is about 7.

I was getting bad transfers (dye sub) in the middle. Noticed it had a bump in the platen. Not small but not huge but big enought to notice it. Like a big zit. No reply from them on it. Totally ignored me.
So I stopped using it. Today I thought okay time to figure this out. Maybe its me. Give the press a shot.
So using scrap shirt I cut up some transfers and put them in the corners and middle just to see.
Photos kinda suck from my phone but I think you can get the gest of them.

First image is the middle press. You can see its washed out.

The next image is the far right side and you can see is pretty dang good. Transfered solid and bright.

The next is the far left. They are good too. Bottom is kinda washed but It moved and part was off the edge and I didn't notice. But the top part is on and pressed good.

Just pisses me off they were like this and be honest pissed I let them just blow me off and didn't complain and ***** more about it.

So beware and like its been said on this and many boards YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR (IN QUALITY AND SERVICE)



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Maybe it's still too young and that's why it has a zit.
Maybe when it gets older it will behave and work for a living.
hee hee

Shame, but there is some crap machinery out there, and new folks don't really have a comparison and get stuck with aggravation from heat presses, ovens, exposure units, and all kinds of stuff that just makes the job at hand impossible.
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