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I am selling my Summit DTG 520 quick for cash and would like to find out if anyone is interested!

Reason for Selling:
1. Although I love the machine, due to high volume of orders, I am thinking of purchasing kornit or second MP10i
2. Ink inventory management problem :( Do not want to mix up with

Price $8000, Not Including Shipping
1. Extra Printhead (Epson 4880): $600~$650
2. Extra 16x20 Platen for Production: $500~$600 (??)
3. Extra Capping Station: $200~300 (??)
4. Rip Pro v5 (Able to do Inline Printing White and Color)
5. Basic Instruction CD from Mesa
6. WIMS filter: XL filter (not the small filters) which can cost up to $100 each
7. Sumit DTG 520: Original Price paid was $1,3000~1,4000+tax(??)
**I believe you are saving about $7000 at least for 1~2 month old machine. Correct me if I am wrong.
8. Training: I can train you feel comfortable if you can come to my warehouse in Los Angeles California!!

*Please note! I am not sure whether Mesa will transfer the warranty but if not I can train you if you can visit my location in CA.

Optional: Cost me over $1,700 but willing to sell it for $500 whoever gets the machine... (offer only for the purchaser)
2 Month Old Inks: $500
2 L of Cyan
2 L of Black
2 L of Magenta
2 L of Yellow
2 L of White (Well maintained using shaker)

Brief Feedback About the Machine & Mesa Customer Support:

Customer Support:
* Received the First Machine, had a small problem with the first machine so Mesa Sent me a new machine 1~2 Month ago!
* Tech support is great! Always easy to get in touch! Juan is very friendly and helpful!

Summit DTG 520:
* Second Machine: Almost Brand New, Never had any problem. I clean my capping station and printhead every other day, nozzle checks are almost perfect all the time without doing any head cleaning!!
(This matters a lot, your ink cost+ time. I have MP10i.... I have to run 3~4 head cleans in order for my MP10i to have perfect nozzle... sometimes way more than 3~4)

* You can print up to 16x20: Full size adult shirts, youth, sleeve, hoodies etc.

* Great single White and CMYK option available which I used to print for shirts (Would recommend two pass for hoodies or thicker materials)

* Production Run function: Using two 16x20 platen! Continuous workflow!
Summit wont stop working for you if you know how to handle it. Place your second platen on the belt right behind the first platen. This is something you can't do with M2, Mp10i, brother.

* Condition: No Damages at all. Minor Ink drops??

This machine is right for you if you are for bargain.
Please message me if you are interested.
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