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Suggestions for printing on the back of the shirt neck

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Two part question:
- Anyone have best practices out there for printing on the back of a shirt just below the collar band? Because of the height variance I'm getting blurry prints in some spots. I tried putting a sheet of cardboard in the shirt so the front collar wouldn't show through which works ok but I can't use it following my pretreatment heat press.

- On that note, does the platen laser height reader measure the height only on the edges of the platen or does it read the highest point. I.e. I have a cardboard piece in the center of my platen (not the full width) to raise the collar section, will the laser read that or is it reading the lower height on the edges where the cardboard doesn't reach.

Hope this isn't too confusing! Thanks for the help!
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Try sliding the shirt board into the shirt to get a flat surface. This should allow you to print up to the bottom of the backside collar.

Height sensor should read the highest point. This prevents the print head from crashing onto the surface of the shirt.
I use the chest platen for printed labels. So easy, just slightly stretch the collar of the tshirt over the chest platen, tuck in and you are ready to print. You don't even have to turn the shirt inside out. I usually spray a small amt of PT on the inside of the back collar and let dry overnight. Print @ 720dpi and cure for 60 secs. I made a small square platen that fits in place of my 16x20 heat press platen. Shirt fits right on top of it, and cures nice.

really you can build a platen very easily for this job. I made a 13x22" platen that has been is service for a year now. Used plexi glass from Home Depot, works great.

Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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