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HI guys, 1st Post

Im relatively new to the t-shirt side of printing although i have done other types of printing in the past mainly sublimation phone cases, mouse mats ect..

im looking for a good value sublimation printer to start a small ( very small) business.

I have already got a heat press that i use for my vinyl designs so thought it would be a shame to wast it. As i said i am familiar with using sublimation printing in the past but not on textiles, in the past i have used a Ricoh SG 3110 DN and though it was pretty good

Im hearing that just a standard 4 colour Epson will also do the same job but im afraid thats all i know sounds a bit to good to be true to me?

basically if someone can point me in the right direction to start out on a budget it would be very much appreciated as long as i can produce a reasonably good quality shirt and a sensible price preferably on cotton but not essential as i have been told that to transfer onto cotton i need to use chromablast and that expensive? although there is other methods ? ill be a happy man.

thanks in advance
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