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Suggestion for dealers who sell cutters!

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I am extremely disappointed in the lack of support I received from the dealer where I purchased the craft robo pro and flexi. If I were a dealer, I would gladly offer hands on training for your CUTTER. (I realize software has a major learning curve) One session could answer and solve alot of cutting issues. Plus, if I recieved some troubleshooting help, I would no doubt be purchasing vinyl, blades, cutting strip, etc. while I was there! TAKE NOTE.. Those scrapbook places offer a free session when you buy one of those zyron machines.. and everyone buys a ton of supplies while they are there. I believe the majority of dealers in this industry are predominately male, but need to improve on Customer Service!
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I was fortunate when I bought my own Craft Robo, that the supplier I bought it from had enclosed a dvd showing how to use it properly. The dvd was not a slick sales presentation though, but one of their actual customers that uses the machines on a daily basis. The camera work was very shaky but it was filled with over an hour of practical real life tips that included modifying designs for optimal output etc.

You tube is also a great source of help and information. Manuals are ok, but there is nothing as good as seeing someone actually using one in real life. Sadly, many suppliers nowadays are 'box shifters' rather than having a detailed knowledge (or interest) in their products.
Had you purchased from Imprintables Warehouse (a forum sponsor...) you would have received a DVD with video's that cover most of the questions you are asking...

Did you purchase from where you did based on price? Sometimes there are more important things that just price... service and support, as you are finding out, can be more important...
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