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Suggest me a heatpress ! Located in Germany!

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Hello there I need a second heatpress and my budget is 200-280€ !
I am located in Germany!
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The only site that I can find heatpress on this price is eBay!
Can you please suggest me which one?
Here is the link for the German eBay!

check these out
they don't have prices, but they are in germany
maybe see if they have any demos they want to get rid of or suppliers in your area

as for the ones on that ebay page in your price range, pretty standard chinese presses
it's a dice-roll, you may get a good one, who knows???

do you have a classified/used site in germany?
Thanks a lot! I haven't any site ! The Politape heatpress is good but out of my league ...700€ ! Alternative is the British eBay that lot of suppliers can ship to Germany! If you don't mind to have a look in eBay.co.uk will be very helpful! I have find a heatpress with 19 - 5 star reviews there !Is a swing heatpress!I send the link

$826 USD, but it's Chinese so I'm sure you can get it with the free DHL shipping.
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the one Bryan posted above, may be an option kostas

there is a member here who picked up one from that company and has had no complaints yet
and they do sell cheaper swingaways

i have only dealt with them via email, but they were very helpful

that ebay one in the uk looks eerily similar to the one someone on here bought a couple of months ago,
and the controller went almost instantly
who knows whether that one will last you years or days

if you are going to buy chinese, why not at least buy straight from the manufacturer?
setup a dialogue, see if they sell spare parts, ask them about the press (probe their knowledge/customer service), etc.
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here is the company i had conversations with

the guy's name was damon xue
Thanks but is also out of my league! My budget is 300€ max.
Brian I really appreciate your help!! I was thinking about that and yesterday I have search Alibaba .com website!
I have found a lot of heatpress and I contact a company that has a lot of reviews and awards in Alibaba website!
I ask him about the price for 38x38 and also about guarantee and shipping!
Today I have an answer only for the price of the heatpress (100usd if you buy 2 or more and 140usd if you buy one unit)
But my other two questions was Not answered!
And here is the problem how can I make business with someone that is not interesting to answer my questions?
But I give another shot to the company that you have written above!
Anyway thanks !
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you're right to back away from any company that won't/can't answer your questions

hope it works out for you
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