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Successfully advertising/marketing a custom T-shirt shop?

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Hey everybody. I was wondering what strategies have been most successful for you when marketing/advertising your custom T-shirt shop, both online and offline.

A couple options we are considering are:

1) PPC on google for local searches
2) Targeted sales letters/mailings to newly established companies, schools, fraternities/sororities
3) Yellowbook, dex, and online directory listings
4) Business Referral Networks

Any thoughts or ideas?
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We have used all four with varying success.

Word of mouth is where we have had the best luck...so when you get one of those precious customers take good care of them....they will send more.

Read up on guerrilla marketing techniques. Use the time your press isnt working to market.
T-shirt blogs and connecting with your customers through forums, blogs, and myspace has worked the best for me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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