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Sublimation wholesaler needed

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Hello, I have several designs that I am ready to have manufactured. These designs will need to be sublimated into men/women's tank tops. I currently am looking for a wholesaler who can easily manufacture them to my specifications. If anyone can help me with this, or can recommend a reputable wholesaler that can, feel free to reply or contact me privately. I appreciate any help :)
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I'd find a local print shop to start in case anything goes wrong
Try S&K mfg. SKDave is a member go the forum.
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I have used Conde for years. They have been in the sublimation business sense the early 80s. Their number is : 251-633-5704



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If you are still looking for a source. PM me, I would be happy to try and help.
If you are looking for large orders then Conde is my best. In the 100 range: I have all the equipment and I am retired and that is all I do. Guarantee all work...pcimages 210-416-6823 SA TX.
We are a wholesale printer. We also offer a variety of custom made apparel.
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Sid, Great home page. looks like you could help in any type of sub. work.
You mention tank tops. Are they spot sublimation, full press or cut & sew?
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