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Sublimation Printing/Pressing Dilemma

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Here's the dilemma, I have an Epson Artison 1430 with Cobra Sublimation Ink. I would like to make custom gaming mats for card games, such as MTG.My printer can handle 13x19" borderless and my heat press can handle 18x24". MTG playmats are typically 24x14".

Would a press that is exactly 24" long press edge to edge?

Anyone know a place where you can have a large sublimation printed off?

Anyone try printing multiple pages and "stitching" them onto a larger surface?
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Hi. I've tried pressing an image then pressing another image alongside it and always get a line or a gap. If you try to overlap the images the overlapped area then appears darker. I've never tried pressing one large print in two stages though.
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