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Hi, I hope this is the correct forum, and please excuse my ignorance I’m not actually a designer.

I’ve been trying to find an answer to this, but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. I was wanting to order some hoodies and T-shirts that are printed on demand. I originally assumed they were DTG, but now it sounds as if they’re actually sublimation. They give 3 options for print quality which I hadn’t encountered before.

SD print up to 720 dpi in 4 passes

HD print printing up to 1080 dpi in 8 passes

Ultra HD print up to 1440 dpi in 12 passes

I’m not sure which option to choose.

It’s my understanding there are a number of factors that might affect this decision such as the complexity and size of the design or logo, amount of color variation, apparel color, fabric type, etc.

I assume that HD is almost exclusively better, but I’m also wondering if there are times when it wouldn’t be of benefit or possibly detrimental.

Would the higher resolution + passes hold up better over time / through more washes?

Conversely, could the higher passes make the logo appear thick and/or for lack of a better word “gloopy?”

If the design is simple with few colors would HD be overkill?

For the most part I would be ordering black garments.

The fabrics are 100% polyester for hoodies and 97% polyester / 3 spandex for shirts.

The 100% polyester hoodies are sandwich brush or footer and the 97/3 shirts are jersey or kulirka. However, I’m not sure what these mean. I guess it’s the type of weave.

There is a $4 or $5 upcharge for each level. I’m not overly concerned with the upcharge, but if there’s no benefit or it’s detrimental I wouldn’t do it.

Here are some sample designs. I’m not necessarily considering each of these, I’m just wondering how designs such as each of these might affect the printing options decision.

What DPI / Passes option would people chose for each of these and similar designs given that the company’s printing process is sublimation?


Camouflage Outerwear Military camouflage Coat Military uniform
Outerwear Product Neck Sleeve T-shirt
Clothing Outerwear White Black Sleeve
Product Sleeve Grey Font T-shirt
Textile Sleeve Font T-shirt Jersey
Sleeve Liquid Tree Aqua Font
Sleeve Grey Collar Pattern Font
Plant Sleeve Headgear Font Cap

Outerwear Shoulder Black Neck Fashion

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How are we suppose to know what you changed?

I am also removing many of these images. They are redundant.
I only uploaded the images once, but it put both the thumb and full. I was uncertain how to remove one without the other on mobile. I tried to edit op to confirm usage of sublimation instead of dtg, in case people couldn’t make recommendation without knowing for certain, but maybe I’m not wording things appropriately.
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