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Sublimation paper on vinyl

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Hi there. I am completely new in this forum as I am completely new in the heat transfers etc. This is my first post, so HELLO EVERYBODY :)

I am trying to find a way to transfer on to dark tees with good quality. I've read that opaque paper has bad feeling, etc. Unfortunately I can't go with screen printing at the moment, because I have no space for it.

I am wonder if I can use sublimation paper with subli ink, transfer it on white vinyl and then transfer the vinyl on dark t-shirt :)

Is that possible?

Thanks for answer and sorry for my english :)

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I'd be interested in hearing if you can or not.

Though I'm assuming you would have to spray the vinyl with Polyester before the transfer could activate.
Here is our video on image clip dark.
It is a five part video.
we use subliflock from conde, can print on it cut it out and heat press to anything.
Probably would not work, but can't lose much by trying.
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