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sublimation paper needed, your choices?

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Good morning all! I have just completed my first shirt sublimation job. 7 adult shirts and 1 youth 3T shirt. I used a lot of paper (and ink) getting this all dialed in and printing correctly (my learning curve may be larger than most peoples, I admit). I have used up my supply of sublimation paper that came with my printer when I purchased it from RPL Supplies. I have not purchased paper and now must so I'm asking. Which vendors do you sublimator's prefer? I know we have several sponsers on this site that offer papers, and I want to know is highest on everyone's list. I'm thinking when I get this sublimation all figured out that I'm really gonna like it!! Thanks everyone. What type of papers do you all like also, and why. I am planning on doing some shirts and ornaments for the holidays.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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