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Sublimation Mug Question - How to Fix?

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Hi! We are printing black transfers onto the ORCA 15-oz black sublimation mugs (the ones with the white rectangle). These are REALLY tough to do. Occasionally we get a faded edge (shows as grey) on the edge of the white rectangle. Can we fix the problem by cutting strip of black sublimation and taping it over the fade and resublimating it? If so, do we have to put the entire mug back in the press, or just the edge that needs fixing? If neither of these are good fixes - what do you suggest? Thanks.
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Not an expert by any means, but from what i was told, once you submit the item to be sublimated into the heat and press it, you cant re-press the item. I tried and wasted quite a bit of dog tags when i tried to sublimate one side, and then do the second side. Terrible results, and when I finally asked the question I was told that most of the coating that is put onto these items will not allow you to sublimate on it twice. The only exception to this sublimation rule would be the pressing of fabric, i.e. mouse pads, polyester and stuff like that. Good luck and Aloha
My advice would be........ Try it!

You have to be prepared to lose a few mugs when beginning sublimation. Some people lose half a dozen, others lose a box or two until they've nailed it. For the price of a single mug I wouldn't hesitate to experiment. You never know. :)
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I apologize for my English is not my primary language. But I hope I can help.
Unfortunately, correction is not possible if you want to have quality. There will always be a strip that is "patched" for a second sublimation.
For the next time, you just make the print larger than the rectangle and check that the press is tight.
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