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Sublimation issue using Corel draw...Wasatch Rip too...

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Ok..this is a length issue...Dealing with Full Sub Printing...

I use Corel Draw X4 to do my designing in.

The company that prints my full sub jerseys, uses AI...i'm verifying right now if they Rip from Wasatch or not.

They have me design in CMYK colors.

last week, my 20% Black (0 0 0 20) was coming out was turning green (or yellow). I'm assuming a light shade, not like bright green, i never saw a pic of it.

Right now I've been saving my files as PDFs and they've been printing from that. PDFs because of the file size being smaller then saving as a EPS.

This is the first time i've had a problem.

They said it's because I design in Corel draw. Which i believe is BS. I've been using this company for 2 years now.

Any thoughts on this?

I've been working in Corel for 4 years doing full sub jerseys and printing from Wasatch, and this is the first time its been a issue. And they are acting like its been like this for ever.
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Sounds like you already figured it out - find another vendor.

Not sure the point of saving in eps or pdf. If you are providing print ready files you can simply export as a jpg file. Saving as eps or pdf sounds like there may be color correcting or something else going on. Corel does not do a great job importing/exporting files especially eps and pdf. Just seems easier to provide print ready flat file.

Not sure how much business you are sending their way but this is not rocket science -
Have they upgraded any software?
Are you sending your icc profile with the file, that might be why it's smaller?
If you send an eps, do you get a better result?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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