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So I have been considering dye sub for quite some time. I picked up a Espon 13X19 printer probably over a year ago with the plan to one day jump into Dye Sublimation.

Well today was the first day I had all the pieces together to print some shirts.

I picked up a Geo Knight DK20S, and yes it is worth every penny I paid for it. It heats up, stays hot, and gets out the way when you don't need it!

We pressed 4 shirts with a one color dark design, our store logo. 2 100% poly and 2 poly cotton blend shirts. We washed them and I was quite surprised at how little ink faded from the blend shirts. It was not as dark as before the washing, but still had 100% coverage and looked very presentable, much more so than a plastisol transfer after one wash!!! I am going to try some more cotton blends, possibly 50/50 and see how things turn out since the 65/35 look darn near perfect!

Probably spend tomorrow afternoon after shooting Machine guns making some more shirts. The preview pictures on facebook have been getting good attention!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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