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Sublimation Inks

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I've searched throught the forum and haven't seen inofrmation on this question:

Could someone in the forum tell me if Dye Ink and Die Sublimation Ink are

Have HP that has dye type ink ; Is this same as sublimation ink.
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Crossroads said:
Could someone in the forum tell me if Dye Ink and Die Sublimation Ink are different.
Yes, they are different.
Hi Crossroads,

Yes. They are two different inks.

Dye ink such as the old Epson inks and HP (among others) are generally favorable for printing in color onto paper and other type substrates. It is NOT meant for heat transfers.

Dye Sublimation heat transfer inks are designed to be printed (in reverse) onto heat transfer paper that is designed to accept the ink. The tranfer is then heat pressed onto products suitable for sub ink heat transfers.

Dye sublimation ink heat transfers do not work on cotton and all natural fibers (wool, canvas, etc..). It works great on man made fabrics such as polyester, spandex, lycra, etc...

Hope this helps.

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Another question, is pigment inks working well whit CIS systems on an Epson 1280 if you want to do custom heat transfers?

The reason i was wondering is because whit dyesub transfers u have to buy those way more expensive tees from Soft L'Ink instead of an lets say 2$ one from Hanes etc and it kinda eats up the profits.
Depending on your customer base, you need to "sell" the poly shirts for sublimation a bit differently than you would a cotton shirt.

If you are selling grandma a shirt with a photo of the grandkids, the decoration process really doesn't seem to matter. Grandma will still be tickled with cotton shirt with the grandkids.

On the other hand, if you are marketing to athletes you need to sell the moisture wicking capabilities of the newer fabrics. They are appreciative of the new technical fabrics and will pay the difference. Construction guys/gals also really seem to like the new polys, especially where a safety color is required.

If it all possible, show your customers the difference between the two processes and let them decide which process best suites their needs.
Krikon said:
Does pigment ink work well with CIS systems on an Epson 1280 if you want to do custom heat transfers?
Well, the 1280's are kind of notorious for being difficult to work with. Make sure you get the ink system level with the printer correctly;; people have suggested putting books/etc. under the ink system to adjust the height. Even with this it still might not always work correctly, as it sounds like (from various people's comments about it) that the 1280s are a bit tempermental.
I havent even packed mine up yet, so i dunno about those kinda things yet. However, if not going whit dyesub inks, what is best between dye and pigment inks if im going to use profesaional inkjet transfer papers?
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