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Hello all! I'm very new to all this and honestly am starting because I wanted to make some custom stuff for my cosplays and figured I could probably do something similar for others if I got a decent setup. I don't intend to make a full time home business out of it, but more on a small scale/by commission type thing. Then I started researching everything and my head was near exploding with ideas and possibilities (because I love mugs and dishware, as weird as that sounds). So, being the impulsive crazy person that I am, I bought a Sawgrass SG1000 and now I'm hoping I can get some feedback on the best heat press for garments and for other stuff. I was looking at this for the garments: TRANSPRO SWINGER 16x20 HEAT PRESS
And possibly a 3D vacuum heat press like this:
I like the idea of the 3D press because I can do multiple mugs or plates or phone cases in it without needing an absurd number of machines that I frankly wouldn't have enough space for.

I have read that there are some electrical concerns with the 3D ones, but I feel that if I unplug other things in the room when I plan to run it, that should be ok. Or am I grossly misunderstanding the issue? Also, I suppose I will need extra of the lining (I'm sure that's not the right word, but I can't seem to remember what it's called at the moment) as they are a consumable that breaks/pops regularly, is that right?

Another question is regarding any other consumables or accessories that I might need. I have sublimation ink and sublimation paper, I know I will need heat tape and gloves for both, and the mug and phone wraps to apply pressure to the 3D stuff, but I feel like there are other pieces I get glimpses of in tutorials but that I'm not sure what they are. Like some types of covers and silicone things are mentioned sometimes but it seems there are multiple things that all sounded/looked the same but might be different.

Sorry for the very long first post, but I truly appreciate any advice and help you can all provide!
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