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sublimation friendly kids clothing in adelaide

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Hi guys, i've recently gotten in to the whole sublimation thing and, while clothing isn't what i do, i have a situation where i need to make a top and a romper for a 3 and 1 year old respectively. by next weekend. for a rally.

all i know about dye-sublimation with clothing is it has to be 100% polyester, can anyone rcommend anywhere that either posts very quickly or is located in adelaide where i can look at ordering what i need?

the links in the t-shirt link at the top of this part of the forum link to only cotton.. which isn't what i need!

thanks for the help in advance!
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That will be a hard task as most kids clothing is 100% cotton for fire danger BUT good luck in your hunt maybe ask vapour apparel if they can help. Dan
thanks for the reply! the rally was yesterday and we had them wrapped in rainbow blankets instead!

it's been so hard trying to find something for them! we've decided that the next rally i'm going to sublimate onto some polyester patches and sew them onto their tops! something a bit different! lol!

Thanks again for your reply! i'll definitely contact them anyway for future reference :D
Guys, only joined today. There are a couple of dye-sub printers in Adelaide I deal with. Happy to let you know if you are still interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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