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Sublimation colour issues Richo SG311dn

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Hey all,

trying to print some mugs up for a new product I'm selling, I've done mugs before, quite a few for myself and customer orders. I'd left it for a bit and when going back to it I thought i'd try the ICC profiles on the disc provided with the printer kit when I got it. Previously I'd used this and it was OK, a little dark maybe but I think but colours were OK. I'd then switched to the Sawgrass power driver and again pretty good. Just the last time I did some samples for someone the light blues werent quite there and more of a green hint to it. Hence thinking I'll try the ICC profie route again.

Well after setting up the printer to top settings, plain paper, the PS workspace to Adobe RGB 1998 and using a number of 5 ICC profiles for different papers, I have the ICC for Sawgrass true pix and that's the paper I have. Anyway the colours are just well off, the greys are more like green and when I went back to the powerdriver the same bad results but the mid greys were like a touch brown. Very odd, I've never had this before. Is it possible for the ink to go bad... like when I look at it in the bottle before shaking or the cartrisge is got a real brown hue to it. I can't remember what it was like when I first got it.

Has anyone some fail safe settings for the workspace and an ICC profile for the Ricoh 311?

I'm a little confused about the proof setup too. LIke when I click it on the image goes a lot less vibrant. A nearly flo green becomes a flat green etc. I guess these are showing me what it will look like as the finsihed result. Well how do I get it so the finished result looks like the original artwork, I know I wont get the same colour gamut to add but how vibrant can people get their oranges and greens for example.


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With a Ricoh running Sawgrass inks through a powerdriver you export your image as a Jpg and print it, That's it. Job Done.
Note the Sawgrass ink, not any other cheap stuff, unless you want to spend your life buying substrates that turn out 'not as expected'. a full set of carts will print 2 boxes of mug wraps easily, that's 600 mugs, Sawgrass ink is not expensive when every print works out.
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