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Sublimagic Heat press

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Hello all

I am looking to buy my very first heat press, and have been wading through acres of helpful advice herea and watching youtube videos.

Know I really would love to buy an auto geo knight machine however it is out of my price range

I would like to buy a heat press mainly for tshirts- vinyl and rhinestone applications with designs up to about 30 x 30 cms (I use a Black Cat 18" digital cutter)

I have found this website 10 in 1 combomagic - www.Sublimagic.co.uk

and searching through the forums have unfortunately only found negative comment from last year.

Has anyone dealt with this company recently?
Does anyone independant of the company have anything good to say about them ?

Or can you recomend a good reliable supplier in the UK for heat presses which are in the £500 or so range.

Thanks for any advice and for all the amazingly helpful information on here, it really has been a great help understanding a lot of things
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Thank you will check it out
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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