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SubliCloth Questions

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I'm looking into doing dye sub products and have heard SubliCloth mentioned a few times. Got a couple of questions related to this product...

1) My understanding is that it's a 100% polyester cloth with an adhesive backing applied to it. Does this mean that I can stick it to another piece of fabric (cotton/blend) and then sublimate on to the sandwich?

2) Can I cut a shape out of it using a vinyl cutter without it fraying and then sublimate the image?

3) Can it be stuck to itself to allow double sided sublimation?

4) How thick is this material?

5) Is it available through an Australian distributor or do I have to order from the US?

In a nutshell, I need to create my own sublimation blanks from fabric in specific shapes BEFORE I sublimate the image. I've already got a vinyl cutter, so I ideally need to stabilize the fabric to be able to cut the shapes out. Then I can do full bleed images without having to cut them out after they have been sublimated.

Hopefully someone can help :)
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Hmmm...I would approach the manufacturer of this product with those questions Mark. I would assume they would know it's "do's / don'ts" the best.
I've just done that. Was interested in hearing what others have to say as my questions are usually "outside the box" thinking. Something some suppliers don't understand.

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