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Sub questions

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Have been curious about adding sublim to our offerings but where to start, what printer to buy, whats the best ink, whats the price difference, how well does it work.

Been doing huge amounts of yellow safety reflective vests with transfers been turning out well but curious how a sub dye would work. yes they are 100% polyester.

Any one want to sell me a few before I laydown money on printer etc. Or anyone sell printing sub transfers
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Your question is too big and broad for anyone to take the time and give you a detailed answer. I recommend that you attend one of the industry shows nearest you and talk to dye sublimation exhibitors face to face and get a good feel for everything involved in dye sub. NBM and ISS have shows around the country and SGIA has one huge show a year (Vegas this year).

I really like dye sub products but keeping a dye sub printer up and running is an intensive task. I believe it is important to have a market that will keep your dye sub printer busy or it will be an expensive experiment that will end sooner than later. You need have enough revenue from your dye sub products to pay for the maintenance parts and make a profit above your production costs because a dye sub printer is an expensive beast to run.
sitzer, I can send you a sheet for a test on your saftey yellow, love the safety colors with sublimation. Who are you selling to? e-mail lakeshoregraphics@COmcast.net with your test print and I'll send you one. you can set up a sub system pretty cheap. get hold of me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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