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I'm FINALLY drawing on a screen as I've ALWAYS wanted to do since the first time I had to deal with a mouse. I bought a used galaxy A8 for $107 shipped only to be horrified that samsung's offering the brand new S8 (lite?) model for $98! it has a screen that will work with active stili, but according to a youtube video, the $50 wacom bamboo tip is active, but will work with any touch screen.

right now, i have 2 different dollar store stili and a $10 office max one. it, and one of the dollar store ones have super soft and sticky rubbery (silicone?) nibs while the other dollar store one is firmer, but still grippy on the smooth screen. the $10 one has a steel nib that works nice too, but i'm afraid of scratching my screen with it.

does anyone know of a good stylus that has a finer point and that slides across glass no stickier than a felt tipped marker might, but soft plastic would be nice too. I'd like something i can make smooth lines with a light touch with without the screen gripping it too hard. i'd rather NOT pay $50 for a styus for the wrong screen. i got so caught up in how new my A8 was and how much cheaper it was than even older units that i forgot that i really wanted an S7 for the screen.

this is just a temporary system until I can get a laptop and a REAL graphics monitor or maybe hook one up to my A8, though I doubt that'll happen. even sticking like rubber on rubber, drawing on my A8's still way better than drawing with a mouse.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated, though i'm not liking the looks of those weird disc nibs even if the supposedly perform better than cheap passives. i'd like a nice fine round point. thank you in advance for your time and consideration everyone.
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