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This looks like a great ALIVE forum!

I'm a NOOB with some questions that I can't find in searching.

How exactly do you use the Stouffers step scale?
Yeah, tape it on the screen, I got that.

But it tells me nothing about how long to burn the screen to find out best exposure times?

Using a image and moving a piece of cardboard in timed increments over the image seems the most intuitive way vs. the stouffers.

Some one set me straight!

Also, I'll be printing controls on electronic chassis. The thinnest line is 0.030 ". Am I correct in calculating that the 110 mesh screen will be able to print 0.009" line(1/110=.0.009). So 110 would be OK for my application?

I'm planning on Ulano Proclaim under some FL bulbs.

Thanks for helping a annoying Noob!

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Initially, the cardboard serves the same purpose as the Stouffer. But over time, as your light source weakens, having a stouffer on every screen you burn will help you adjust exposure times to keep the ideal exposure.
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