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Im using the t-jet blazer express. Have been for over 2 years now, and rarely have a problem with it. Anyway, I am printing a particular shirt with an underbase. Everytime I go to print, it will start printing, pause itself, return to the home position and ask me to press the pause button to resume.

I press the pause button, the shirt goes all the way to the index position, and then back home after waiting a few seconds.

On Fast RIP it says my job has error'd out. Here is the log:

****File opened for logging (20/07/2010, 07:21:04)****
[PROCESSING] Start: BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0
[Process]: ProcessJob thread started
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Waiting for Port
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Printing
[Output]: Output thread started
[Output]: [USB Port]: Started.
Cleo 2.008 (c) Cadlink Technology Inc, 1989-2006
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Initializing
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Ready
INFO: Page: 1
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Printing
[Output]: [USB Port]: Opened.
Tag: 'CleoSignature'
.hdr Cleo version: 008
Tag: 'OutPort'
PAT tag 'OutPort'
INFO:Job name: 'Job11A8/BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_decal_0'
PROGRESS:1% done
PROGRESS:2% done
PROGRESS:3% done
PROGRESS:4% done
PROGRESS:5% done
PROGRESS:6% done
PROGRESS:7% done
PROGRESS:8% done
PROGRESS:9% done
PROGRESS:10% done
PROGRESS:11% done
PROGRESS:12% done
PROGRESS:13% done
PROGRESS:14% done
PROGRESS:15% done
PROGRESS:16% done
PROGRESS:17% done
Error offset 328761344
ERROR "Configuration": Truncated data
... Aborting job/resynching stream ...
Cleo exited with status 2
[Print]: Cleo exited
[Print]: Waiting for output thread
[Output]: [USB Port]: Closed.
[Output]: [USB Port]: Total Time in seconds: 233
[Output]: [USB Port]: Total Number of Bytes Sent: 38792785
[Output]: Output thread done
[ERROR] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 CFM2 ticket error
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Printing Complete
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Spooling
[INFO] BlazerxEXPRESSxOversizexTemplate_tile_0 Spooling Complete
Job Processing done
[Process]: ProcessJob thread done
[PROCESSING] End: 58889552
****File closed (20/07/2010, 07:25:13)****

Anyone know whats going on..

I am not sure what I am looking at in the log but does anyone know what this means?

"Error offset 328761344
ERROR "Configuration": Truncated data
... Aborting job/resynching stream ...
Cleo exited with status 2"

Thanks for any help!

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