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Stoney Creek, ON (CANADA) Hix SwingMan and Blanks

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Hi there.
Due to chronic health issues, closing business. Selling all the blanks, heat press and other supplies.

Only for local pick up and cash payment please. I can offer better price if you are buying all the inventories as one package.
Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Please PM me for further details.

1) 15 x 15 Hix SwingMan – 6 years old, purchased brand new ($799.99) from Starline Pacific in BC.
Good condition, printed less than 150 t-shirts total (my main orders are all screen prints).
Comes with Digital hand timer. I will include a Teflon Pad protector 15 x 15 and some transfer sheets from Transfer Paper Canada. Selling for $350.00.

2) Pantone Formula Guides (solid coated and uncoated): purchased brand new ($125) – brand new condition. Selling for $65.

Blank T-shirts: Gildan Ultra Cotton (2000) – Selling for $495.00 (total: 282 t-shirts)
Adult – White: S-19, M-19, L-22, XL-6, 2XL-2 (total: 68)
Adult – Black: S-27, M-32, L-16, XL-13 (total: 88)
Adult – Navy: S-1, M-2, L-11, XL-1 (total: 15)
Adult – Red : S-3, M-7, L-4, XL-5 (total: 19)
Adult – Blue Dusk: S-3, M-5, L-7 (total: 15)
Adult – Stone Blue: L-3 (total: 3)
Adult – Carolina Blue: S-2, M-2, L-6 (total: 10)
Adult – Military Green: M-1, L-2 (total: 3)
Adult – Cardinal Red: S-1, M-1, L-4, XL-1, 2XL-1 (total: 8)
Adult – Gold: S-1, M-3, L-4 (total: 8)
Adult – Charcoal: S-1, M-3, L-2, XL-3 (total: 9)
Adult – Sapphire: M-1, L-3 (total: 4)
Adult – Daisy: S-2, M-2, L-5 (total: 9)
Adult – Tangerine: L-2 (total: 2)
Adult – Kelly Green: M-2, L-1 (total: 3)
Adult – Prairie Dust: M-1, L-1 (total: 2)
Adult – Dark Chocolate: M-2, L-1 (total: 3)
Adult – Great to show actual t-shirt colors to customers: 1 pc. Each
Royal (M-1), Maroon (L-1), Purple (L-1), Sand (L-1), Orange (L-1), Light Blue (L-1),
Lime (L-1), Serene Green (L-1), Texas Orange (L-1), Sports Grey (L-1), Ice Grey (L-1),
Tan (L-1), Chestnut (L-1)

4) Blank T-shirts: Gildan Soft Style (Men’s & Ladies- Selling for $160.00 (total 80 t-shirts)
Adult (Men’s 64000) – White: M-1, L-1 (total: 2)
Adult (Men’s 64000) – Charcoal: S-1, M-1, L-1, XL-1 (total: 4)
Adult (Men’s 64000) - Navy (L-1), Sand (L-1), Military Green (L-1)
Adult (Ladies 64000L) – Dark Chocolate (L-2)
Adult (Ladies 64000L) – White M-7, L-8, XL-4 (total: 19)
Adult (Ladies 64000L) – Black S-15, M-18, L-12, XL-5 (total: 50)

5) Blank T-shirts: Bella (assorted) - Selling for $25 (total 19 t-shirts)
Bella Crewneck T (1001) White – M-3 (total: 3)
Bella Tank (1080) White S-1, M-1 (total: 2)
Bella Scoop Neck (1003) White – S-3, M-1 (total: 4)
Bella Jersey (6001) White – S-4, M-4, L-2 (total: 10)

6) Blank T-shirts (Youth) Gildan Ultra Cotton & Hanes tagless / Selling for $105 (total: 87)
Gildan Youth (2000B) – White: XS-3, S-15, M-5 (total: 23)
Gildan Youth (2000B) – Black: S-28, M-18, L-1 (total: 47)
Gildan Youth (2000B) – Navy: (S-1), Royal (S-1)
Gildan Youth (2000B) – Orange S-2, M-1 (total: 3)
Gildan Youth (2000B) – Light Blue: S-2, M-1 (total: 3)
Hanes Youth (5450) – White M-2, XL -1 (total: 3)
Hanes Youth (5450) – Red (L-2), Line (L-2), Orange (XL-2) (total: 6)

7) Knit Skull Cap (C105) OS, Selling for $115 (total: 92 pcs.)
Navy – 74 pcs.
Black – 18 pcs.
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Here are pictures :)


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----CANANA (Stoney Creek, Ontario) local pick up only----

Just to let you know that Hix SwingMan is sold (yay:))

I am still offering Blank T-shirts and Pantone Formula Guides.
Please PM me if you are interested.

Here are some photos of Blank T-shirts :D


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