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digidana thanks a lot for your help.may i please ask which setting should i use for lock.
I see 3 locks options on software
2-Around Trim
I use always

Next 4 options are for "Text Lock Stitch Type"
Default one is the line.Which one would you recommend?
I use density around 80 stitches per inch. I really need recommends.Thank You.

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i don't know your software, but i have mine set to do a lock stitch at every trim, or any jump stitches over 2 mm (tho i typically have it trim if the jump is 2 mm or more)

i would say a line or a basic...i'm not sure what the actual definition is, but usually just a little back and forth right before a trim will work. if the satin stitches is wider it may need a bit more.
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