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Stitch Estimate

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I outsource my digitizing and I would like to know how others estimate stitch count before they give a design to their digitizer? For instance, when a new client gives you their logo and you have to give them a quote. I may not get the job, so I do not give the design to my digitizer. I need to have a good estimate of stitch count to quote on the job.
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Hi donr

Im a digitiser and a lot of it is experience, it can depend on the type of material it's going to be embroidered on. Fleece will always need more stitches than tshirts or say badges. If there are large areas that need to be filled in it will increase the stitch count a lot compared to thin satin lines.
By the sounds of it your digitiser charges you by the stitch count?....whenever I digitise I try to keep it a flat fee rate to keep it simple for you, me and you know how much to charge the possible client.
If you need any help I'll be more than happy to help!
We do flat rate pricing so stitch count isn't as important as the size of the design.

From an outsourced digitizing perspective you can probably do a flat rate that amortizes your cost over lower and higher cost items. Say it costs you $40 to do an average 4" design and you want to make a profit on each one. Charge a factor above, say $90 for each digitized design up to 4" and you will have a profit on each one without having to estimate stitch count.
Thanks for the answers. I am more concerned about what to charge for each individual garment being embroidered and not the digitizing charge. For example, if I want to charge $1.00 per thousand stitches per shirt, I have to know how many stitches to be able to quote on a job.

I just quoted a job at 10,000 stitches. After it was digitized, it required 17,000 stitches. That makes a big difference to time on the machine and therefore the cost to produce each garment.
yes, i can see where you need a closer estimate if you charge by the 1,000 stitch also. This again is where you have to communicate with your digitiser! Some digitisers will increase the stitch count to be able to charge you more! If you speak to your digitiser and say this logo needs to be around the 10,000 stitch mark they should be able to tell you whether this is possible
My digitizer charges me a flat rate of $25.00 for designs that are hat size, left chest size, up to about 6inches. I usually try to get $75 - $150. It all depends what the order is. I like to give to get. Sometimes Ill just offer digitizing at $10 over cost to get the orders and man i get alot of repeat and referrals. For caps and shirts I start out at around $6.00 for 5000 stitches depending on qty and what im stitching on. I'll charge for 12 pieces (like caps and polos) $0.60 per 1000 stitches as low as $0.30 per 1000. But thats in my area of the world. My digitizers name is sammy and he's awesome. 832.256.7849
I am also digitizer, i think you are looking for estimater so that u can quote prices urself.....My clients send me designs and i quote them exact stitches, but if you like to have estimate ur self, i have found this on internet..

Estimating Embroidery Digitizing Design Stitch Counts

If you are looking for digitizing (Which i am not sure), i charge $10 per design and provide two free designs as well to try my services.
Thanks gnizitigid thats more what I have been looking for....
Well there is a digitizing company which gives free digitizing stich estimates.

cheap digitizing
I apologize for not going with the subject at hand. I have this IPhone and still getting use to it. Does anyone know a good embroiderer that has contract pricing or of one in North Carolina?
You know, estimate or quote is not real one, as usual, we will digitize the stitch within the quotation one. If there is a difference, i will just charge as the quote one.
Stitch estimation is a pain in the ***. Well to be more specific: it depends on logo, if it's a simple logo with some basic lines and a few letters, you can estimate itch count quite accuratly but on the other hand if you deal with smoe complex logo with many colors and details it is almos impossible to do an estimate.
We charge flat rate of $12 for any left or chest for unlimited stitch count to avoid such problems. Because it may create problem for you or to your customers.
we charge simple flat rate

10 USD for left chest and cap
20 USD for full back
no hidden cost - unlimited stitches
free edit

[email protected]
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