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Looking for feedback:

I created stiffy's apparel because I was tired of clothing lines with no substance no concept poor designs and lack of Branding...

My art style is : "Grimm Style" : original comic style cartoon characters...

I am the imagineer behind the brand!

The purpose of my brand is for people to think and see creatively
to have an experience usually only taking place in our dreams,
All I did was take my fantasies and dreams out of my mind and share them with you and with her and with him and now we all can enjoy a wonderful experience of imagination.

All you really need to know about us, you can learn from our characters
But seeing as how you’re on the about page, we might as well spell it out

C – Cool. Really ****ing cool
H – Hip. Hipper than that **** you used to wear.
A – Astronomically Artistic see what we did there? Two A’s? We bad *** that way
R - Real. Real people front this ****. That’s why its cool , and hip-as previously stated.
A – Ah shoot, another A and we used two for the first one. How about *** kickin, cause we’re that too.
C – Contemporary. Our urban style is the kind of stuff all the “Fashion Forwards” are looking for.
T – Timely. You can expect new designs, comics, and other rad **** on a monthly basis.
E – Entertaining. You become the life of the party.
R – Resonating. Now your clothes mean something more than just “sick threads’ with a “Sicker Logo”. Your gear has character like you.

So there, its all “spelled out” for you. We are clothing with character.

Stiffy’s Mission Statement
Our mission is simple- wear clothing with character. Did you expect more? Because yes- we could go on and on about “lifestyle” and “culture”. We could waste paragraphs of your time over saturating you with how quality our threads are, and how we support the local economy. But you’ve already heard all of that from everyone else- probably in excess. You are more intelligent than key word power marketing. You are an individual, you want your clothing to be as _________ as you are. (Fill in the blank- it’s about you after all.) Right?
So what is clothing with character? It’s looking at the whole process from outside the box. It’s the art first. Stiffy’s characters have a story. A personality. An artistic vision. Like you. Like us. See, it really is that simple. It’s what you didn’t even realize you were looking for. Kind of like love at first sight. Don’t be surprised if you just got a Stiffy.

I am posting my links for you to look at my content/concept/designs for a well rounded response! I am looking for feedback on my brand.

website: Stiffys Apparel
( the shopping cart has been disabled )

You can view actual products on our instagram page: @stiffys

Get a insight on our facebook page: stiffys apparel


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You lost me at "an erection of imagination"....What does that even mean? But....

Nevertheless, I looked at your site. Next turnoff was having to scroll horizontally to see the page. You will definitely want to fix that.

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Best of luck to you ... You repeat your mission statement in about us ... You might also google what a mission statement really is ...

Are you really wanting to "create" clothing with character for others to wear, that takes them to imaginary places of their dreams ...

Because as I read your mission you want to "wear" clothing with character ... In which you are certainly free to do so ...

Just my opinion ... Nothing more ...

I did like the red stiffy shirt! Again all the best to you! I know you have put a LOT of work and yourself in it!
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