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Sticky Emulsion

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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to ask a question about emulsion. I have tried a few different suppliers, but haven't fixed our problem . The problem that we are having is the emulsion getting sticky and picking up our shirts (it is not the ink doing it). When we push a little bit on the print side with our fingers, we can feel the stick that it has. It seems to get worse once we start running orders with flashes, but it is still feels sticky before we put it on the press.

We hold great detail in our screens, so I do not think that we are too off on exposure time. We dry our emulsion in a darkroom with a dehumidifier. Once the screen is burned and sprayed out, we usually up it outside to dry and expose a little longer.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we are doing wrong?

Also does anyone have a suggestion on a emulsion that they recommend?

Thanks in advance!!!
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I use saatichem graphic PU abd it works great for me, it's a strait photopolymer...

But if I had to guess I would say your screens are under exposed

Two things to consider:

a. Humidity - here in midwest it is very hot AND humid
and that can cause the screen to want to stick to back of shirt

b. off contact - can you try increasing your off contact?

If you are having the same problem with different emulsions, it probably isn't the emulson.

hope that helps!
If you've tried different emulsions, then it's unlikely to be the emulsion. It could be so many things. But it definitely sounds like under exposure to me...

The number of coats you're putting on each side of the screen.
The side of the scoop coater you're using.
The type of exposure unit you're using.
How long you're exposing for.
Whether you are washing out well enough.
Post hardening on the exposure unit will be more controlled.

It's got to be one or more than one of those things for this to happen in my opinion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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