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I've been having issues on and off recently with my Sticka Sv15. it worked FINE, and then all of a sudden started having problems, almost seeming like it was dragging the blade (45*) instead of cutting. I got new blades in, and swapped them in and started having good results.

I then started immediately having problems again. Letters overlapping, the machine spitting out the vinyl out the front, etc. I then uninstalled my Cut Studio, then reinstalled it and the drivers and now have MORE issues. It seems to be cutting ok, though.

Also, it seems to be multiplying itself. IE, it says it has 3 pages to do instead of 1, etc.

Right now I am trying to print 4 images, each ~3" wide. It will will show 3" wide on my screen, and when I send to the printer it makes the image 6"! Any ideas? Have orders backed up and can't get this working :mad::confused:

I am using a Vista laptop, and haven't had any issues with software prior? Any ideas? I updated the new version of cut studio, 1.28, already.
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