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step by step guide to start selling t-shirts in the UK?

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Here is where I am at;

I have been making t-shirts for friends and family for 2 years but only recently have I decided to get serious about starting a t-shirt company. Does anyone know of a step by step guide to use in the UK to help me set up. I have ideas, a website is on the way, and I already own the equipment to produce it all. Do I need to register, patent, tell the government etc...

Please give me some advice and guidance.
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Re: Where to begin...

I would try posting this in the general t shirt selling section. I would also add help getting started in the UK in tittle. I am sure somebody can point you in the correct direction.
Re: Where to begin...

Does anyone know of a step by step guide to use in the UK to help me set up
A step by step guide to what exactly?

This might be helpful http://www.t-shirtforums.com/ecommerce-site-design/t25617.html
Decisions to be made.
Type of company? Sole Trader/incorporated etc
Web presence/retail unit?
Self employed = NIC contributions to be taken into consideration.
Business plan will be required if you need funding from an institution.
Trademark/protection of IPR.
Marketing of your product - how will you sell your product.

Good luck!
If you want to create marketing leaflets & flyers, AdvancedArtist have just produced what seems to be a great comp for Coreldraw.

Check it out, it's also FREE

advancedtshirts.com - Free Model Comp 2
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