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Hi all, glad to find this website, that might be exactly what i need the most, help to start my new business...

i got the same concern about what i need to start...

-trying to get my hand on a vinyl printer/cutter...
-will buy heat press...
-will need trabsfer paper...wich will i need?
-do i need special vinyl to do so? do i use white mat vinyl or transparent one (if it exist) ?
-gonna need t-shirts, shirts, lady thongs, boxers, etc...but let's start with t-shirts ( i like black) anyone got a clue about where i might found ones with good quality but not expensives? let's say standard commercial quality.
-i saw about teflon sheets and pad protector, still i ain't sure the use of them i might want help there too...
-any clue about the wax ribbons is also welcome, where i can buy cheap and wich product(are they all the same?)
-is there anything else i gonna need?

all help welcome
thank you

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Hi Stefan, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums.

You'll find answers to most of your questions by browsing through the existing topics here in the forums. If you still have questions after browsing (and using the handy dandy Search feature), feel free to post the specific questions in the relevant forum areas:
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