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I am new to t-shirt forums but have many questions as i am a startup business. My idea is to have a "design your own" store. If anyone can help and be as clear as possible it would be great as the more i search, the more confused i become. Also most of the other forums are from 2012 or back so i thought i would ask for some up to date answers.

My idea is that someone would go on my site, design their shirt, and then i would be sent the PDF when they are done and i would create the shirt and ship it out. This means i need to be able to do one offs. Also i am a startup business but want good quality materials. I do not mean expensive crazy equipment like an established business, but decent equipment such as a heat press i was looking in and around $1000-$1500.

Main Question: What type of printing would be recommended for my type of business? Heattransfer? Vinyl? Screenprint? Plastisol? DTG?

(I am looking to be able to print 11x17" at least)
What would be a recommended heat press around my price range? ($1000-$1500) [This does not have to be exact but is an example of how much i am willing to spend since i read it was VERY important to get a good heat press.]

From what i have looked into i think the best process is heat transfer so i have a couple questions for that...

Is Jetpro SoftStretch still the best paper out there (lights)?

Is Jetpro Darks still the best paper for darks?

(I am looking to be able to print 11x17" at least)
What is a recommended printer and once again i am looking for a good quality printer without ridiculous pricing. $500 max?

What type of inks do i need for that printer, and where to purchase those inks?

Lastly, do i need to cut the designs everytime i print something? or is this only necessary on darks?

THANK YOU EVERYONE for any help that you can provide! This is a great forum and i appreciate all your help!
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