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Hi Everyone,

Have been meaning to start a DTG business but never really got around to do it.

But now i am ready and i hope the experts here can help with my questions.

I plan to buy the Brother GTX because of low maintenance, Auto open heat press and manual pretreat gun.
My target is 15 to 20 shirts a day for a start and more as i get comfortable.

Can i start with a cheaper printer or is the GTX an overkill for starter?

I will be printing in my house. How loud are the printers? Would you say loud as a vacuum cleaner or just like normal printers?

How long would it take to start seeing profit from such budget?

Thanks in advance

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I saw it in action at the SGIA Expo and was completely impressed. Alas, it was a noisy environment with thousands of people talking and hundreds of machines running. So I couldn't even hear the machine.

Why wouldn't I do what you're contemplating? Well, that's a $22,000 investment. And since I have no idea whether or not any of my designs will sell there is no way I can convince myself to make that kind of investment. There is no way I can do that until I build up some clientele/confidence.

Oh, and Mike may be talking about a different printer. The GTX is brand-spankin' new so it's unlikely anybody has made any complaints/observations of the type he mentions.
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