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Startlogic is really cheap!

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Hey i found this new website startlogic.com and they have a 3.95 package or sumtin like that and i got that with the ssl certificate and it came out to a little under 100$ it had a shopping cart and some stuff but im was wondering if it was a good deal and if it came with the necessities...im not very tech savvy either
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I have 3 websites hosted by startlogic, at first the tech support was baaaad, but something changed as of late i think they may have lost some hosting accounts,, but all in all its been pretty good.
Don't necessarily go for the cheapest option with web hosting. A big thing is uptime and support. If you're going with someone that cheap I would not expect either being done very well.

If you haven't already made the deal I'd go with Bluehost.com they're great!
yea i checked out bluehost.com and they seem really good for the little extra cost i think i might go with them.. the thing is im only 15 and i tried buying a prepaid debit amex giftcard type thing and it doesnt work. i tried linking my bank account to paypal and sumthin went wrong there to. my parents dont wanna lend me their credit card either. any1 have any ideas??!
Send me a PM with your email. I need your email because since you're so new, we'll only be able to send a couple of posts before your inbox reaches its limit.

I may have a hosting solution for you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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