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I’m trying to start up a business been reading loads. I want to start of with slogan T’s with a future plan on creating my own brand etc. While vinyl would be ideal for the slogans I’m having second thoughts on it being of use for a brand shirt and wondering if its better to go the screen printing route by either getting them printed for me or learning the process my self. I’m in the UK by the way so any advice welcome.
I was foolish enough to buy a foison c24 (cant do nothing with it) rather than saving for a Graphtec 5000-60 or Roland. (What one would be better?)
I do have a craft robot but finding it’s a fiddle to get my designs outlined using the craft robo software I find I have to redo all the out lines by hand deleting a lot of the cut points etc. Is there an easier way to do this? I do a lot of my art work in photo shop would using illustrator help i.e. design in Photoshop copy to illustrator n some how get the craft robo to work of it ? or would it save a lot of time a effort to buy a Roland or Graphtec 5000-60 in and use what ever program comes with it (meaning id have to learn a whole new program ) or just skip straight to screen printing. Id also likes to get into embroidery one day. Would I be better creating 2 lines i.e. one for slogan T's and start the brand name under a different name i.e. eBay, better for image if its not associated with cheaper slogan T's ?
Thanks in advanced to any advice
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