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Starting out and need to know the best equipment to get

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I am looking to start out a t-shirt printing business and was wondering what equipment I need I am looking at heat presses but also not averse to screen printing,
with regards to heat presses
what type should i get
Id like to print on cotton t shirts and coloured shirts
what special equipment will i need for this as I know polyester is the prefered material for heat pressing,
basically I need a list of everything I will need

best regards
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Rob. A heat press will apply transfers to any material that will accept the ink. I am not sure where you got the information regarding polyester but that would only apply to sublimation inks. The most popular transfers are made with plastisol inks and are usually applied to cotton or cotton blend fabrics. If you could provide more detail as to your plans I am sure you will get some great advice from the forum members.
If you're just starting I wouldn't spend a fortune right off the bat on expensive top of the line equipment. Start with the cheap stuff and see if you like doing it first, and then if you do you can always buy the expensive equipment later on.

JPSS is the transfer paper most folks recommend for heat transfers on light and white cotton. You'll also need some kind of epson printer C88+ or 1100 with pigment ink. You'll also need some kind of graphic software. Some people use photoshop, illustrator or coreldraw.
We use 2 George Knight heat presses in our offices and picked them for us to sell because they're such workhorses. Made in America, solid pieces of equipment. You're going to use it all day, every day, so you'll be happier getting a good unit!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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