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starting my own t shirt business need advice asap

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ok basically i want to start my own business and id like to use vinyl printing specificallly heat transfering it onto
you can check out this link to my design examples for the design i do

TOOONDAY's deviantART Gallery

TOOONDAY's deviantART Gallery

id also like to know what vinyl i should be using, what im looking for is a non cracking washable long lasting vinyl one which will outlast the clothes themselves if possible not too thick.

I noyl have about £4000 to invets in the business atm so using vinyl was the cheapest way to go out this.
ive been looking over the interenet and i have yet to find someone who does professional designs using this method.
I do screen printing but im not very experienced in it ive tried but i find it very annoying and time consuming trying to mix the right inks and doing it manually
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I think you need to find someone that either does print/cut/sew or a large format screen printer. The design with the large black field will not look good with apparel vinyl.
You could do a lot of your designs in vinyl. Btw, nice artwork.
The only issue I foresee is you will have a TON of weeding to do.

There are plenty of soft vinyls out there. Give it a try and see what you think.
The few that I have tried never satisified me when compared to the feel of a direct screen print. I tried the Roland version and some stuff from Sign Warehouse. Just felt like a very cheap cheesy way to get an image onto a shirt.
The only issue I foresee is you will have a TON of weeding to do.

Recommend that you find someone with a cutter and have them print a couple of your prints and see if you are willing to to weed the images. I don't think so.

Best thing might be to bite the bullet and have a small quantity produced of each one in a plastisol transfer.
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