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hey guys, got a few thousand saved up over time and time, starting my line in the next two months and try to get my business plan going and ready to go. but see their a few thing's i'm completely LOST in. i'm only 20, with a passion for clothes, so bare with me here.

i have 3 DEF tank top designs that WILL BLOW and a few that arent on the roster yet,(hoping to launch with 5 or 6) i've already come to understand about dealing with a printer and quotes.

but just how many shirt's should i print when i finally get done? and i'm really wanting to start ONLINE first and then eventually move to botiques..... what should i do? should i print only like 25 and then see how well and then print more?

but starting my website? i'm thinking about going with paypal. and a webdesigner does anyone have one? marketing my stuff online isnt a issue though so we wont need to cover that. the ends and outs of shipping and customer service, i'm sure the webmaster could explain all this to me...look i'm not that dumb!

i also have a snapback/five panel design thats unbeliable....but does anyone know where i can purchase blanks and who will print on them? like i want to print UNDER the bill of a snap, litterally the whole thing....maybe even change the colors of the actual panels? stuff im in the dark in!

and does anyone know what kind of tank tops and t shirts the hundreds, diamond supply co, illest, and street wear brands like that use?

lol i'm sure this was a bit much, but this is literally all i think about and wonder about and i'm trying my best to learn without sounding dumb!
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